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With our modern society, by far the most common way in which a person will be injured, is through an automobile collision. Automobile collisions are the number one killer of teenagers. An automobile collision might be major or maybe a relatively minor “fender bender.” However, whatever kind of automobile accident you or a family member have been involved in, there are many aspects to the case that the average person is unfamiliar with. Personal Injury Protection or No Fault benefits apply in Utah to cover the initial medical bills, the lost wages, and also household services. In the event that the motor vehicle collision caused a death, there are also certain funeral expenses and survivor benefits available under no fault benefits. The Personal Injury Attorneys at Larson Law have experience in each of these matters. The claim may involve an uninsured motorist, whereby the motorist is known to be uninsured and also the the victim of a hit-and-run driver.

With the high cost of medical bills these days, it is also common for the party that caused the collision to not have enough insurance. This is called being an under insured motorist. Under insured motorist coverage is another pocket of funds that is often available to compensate the victim of a motor vehicle accident. How to assess each of these types of insurance coverage requires an experienced professional. Furthermore, there are often numerous questions about whether a claim should be merely negotiated to a resolution or whether mediation or arbitration can be used. We know when each of these mechanisms can and should be used. Unfortunately, many insurance companies do not take an injured person seriously until they retain an attorney and actually commence a lawsuit concerning their claim.

The majority of cases do not eventually go to trial. Most cases are solved or settled through negotiation, mediation, or arbitration. Nevertheless, at Larson Law, we prepare every case as if it might go to trial the same way a good tax accountant prepares every case as if it might be audited by the IRS. Speaking of the IRS, you need a good attorney to know what some of the tax consequences may be with regard to any money that is obtained through the course of a settlement. Sometimes the settlement money may be taxable and sometimes it may not.

Occasionally, a claim requires a demand for punitive damages. Insurance does not pay for punitive damages. Nevertheless, a claim for punitive damages can be an effective way to cause the insurance carrier to provide more complete and thorough justice for the victim.

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