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Under Utah law, dog owners and keepers are liable and responsible for the damage that their pets cause. Ordinarily, this will be a case where the dog bites someone, but we have handled a case where the dog caused a horse to rear up and the rider to fall injuring the rider. Some states allow dog owners or keepers to not be responsible until their dogs shows some sort of propensity or track record for biting people. We often call this the “one free bite rule.”

However, Utah law does not allow one free bite for Fido. The owners of keepers of dogs are responsible for all injuries or damages caused by their dogs. However, the statute that controls this applies only to dogs. It does not apply to cats. Even the most tame and gentle dog can sometimes be a biter or cause damage. Dog bites can be vicious and painful and can sometimes require plastic surgery, cause infections, or other subsequent problems. At Larson Law, we are dog owners and dog lovers. However, being a lover of dogs means we believe in responsible pet ownership. Responsible dog owners are held accountable for the damages that their dogs cause.

If you and/or a loved one have been victims of injuries caused by a dog, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We understand. We know how to handle your case.

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