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Your property damage is very important to us.  We will assist you in obtaining a fair value either for your car, if totaled, or for the damage to your car, if your car is repairable.  The true extent of your property damage is often very important to your bodily injury claim as well.  Often insurance companies will calibrate the value of your personal injury case by the extent of the property damage to your vehicle.  This is because Utah juries are not awarding sums of money when it does not appear to have been a very big accident.

You may have already resolved the property damage issue before coming to us, if that is the case, great.  However, if that is not the case, we are willing to assist you in resolving that portion of your claim and will not charge you for this service. We will need to obtain a copy of photographs of the physical damage to your vehicle and, if possible, photographs of the physical damage to the other vehicle(s) involved in the accident.  Please let us know where your vehicle is located and/or whether you have photos.  We will take photographs ourselves, if you do not have them available.

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What about the damage to my car?

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