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You can do several things.  First, concentrate on getting better. Keep your doctor appointments and follow your physician’s recommendations. Second, be patient.  This is a long process and you are in good hands, both medically and legally.  Third, send us copies of every medical bill or record you receive that relates in any way to your case.  Fourth, complete the questionnaire given to you in our office and return it to us.  Fifth, start and keep a diary or journal describing your experiences from the date of the accident through your care and treatment to the present time.  Often this journal, describing things related to the accident, will help your case in many ways.  Describe your pain, all of your suffering, your care and treatment, and the inconvenience of this event in your life.  This journal will help you remember what you’ve been through and will help prepare you for answering questions in depositions and interrogatories in the ligation process, if necessary.  Although you may remember many details now, a year from now you may have forgotten many important things.  If you have questions about keeping your journal, let us know.

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