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If you are involved in a crash:

1. Call the police and ask that they fill out an accident report.

2. Get names, addresses, and phone numbers for all witnesses.

3. Take photographs of all vehicles and all the property damage if possible (it is good to keep a disposable camera in the car at all times.  It can come in handy)

4. Write down statements made by the other driver(s) involved in the collision.

5. Do not admit guilt.

6. Don’t deny that you are injured.

7. Complain of pain if you legitimately feel hurt.

8. If an ambulance is offered, take it.

9. Get checked out in the ER.

10. Get the name and location of where your car will be towed to, if your vehicle is drivable, take it to a body shop that is a member of the Auto Body Owners

11. Association of Utah.  Seek medical treatment before dealing with your car.

12. Call insurance to report accident, do not give a recorded statement until after you retain legal counsel.

13. Seek proper medical care from your Chiropractor as soon as possible after the Emergency Room.

14. Begin aggressive Chiropractic medical treatment.

15. Contact an attorney, as soon after you see your chiropractor as possible.

What to do if you get into a crash

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