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Will I be harming the person I’m suing if I start a personal injury case?

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A variation on this question is also “Will I be harming the person I’m bringing a claim against if I make a personal injury claim?” In either situation, whether there is or is not litigation involved, the person who caused the accident has already had their record tarnished by the occurrence of the accident for which they are at fault. It does not matter whether or not any person injured in that event brings a claim or files a lawsuit. Whatever negative things come, if any, which may happen to the person who caused the accident has already happened as soon as the insurance company involved realizes that its insured caused an accident. Many insurance companies do not have anything negative happen to the person unless the accident is one too many. Some insurance companies allow “one free accident” without any adverse effects on the person’s insurance rating. If there is anything negative that happens to an individual who causes an accident, it will either be that his insurance rates or premiums increase somewhat or the insurance company may actually drop him as an insured. If the person who caused the accident also received a ticket from any law enforcement entity, he may also have to pay a fine for receiving the ticket. This is the way it should be. When someone causes an accident that causes injury or damage or harm to another individual, he needs to be accountable and responsible for whatever harm or injury he caused. Because of the existence of insurance, the person generally will not have to pay anything out of his own pocket for the damages caused to the party who was injured. However, if he has to pay a ticket, that will be out of his own pocket. Still, that is a fairly light responsibility for injuring another individual in our society. Nevertheless that is the way our system works.

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